My Story

I have been teaching in the UK fitness industry since 2009, following 10 years working in London as a Media Researcher.  

Switching careers

I decided I needed to find something I could do locally in Hertfordshire, rather than working long hours in London.  Particularly once we had a young family.  

I love exercise classes, keeping fit, and meeting new people.  

So the thought of guiding others in their health and wellbeing felt like a great way to spend my day.  

I started my fitness training in 2005, alongside working in London.  Juggling work, training as  a group exercise instructor, and being a first time mum, was tough.  So once I felt brave enough, I quit my London job and focused on teaching a range of aerobics, and circuit training classes.  

My plan was to do that for a few years until my daughters started primary school, and then eventually go back to a “proper job”.   Plans change.  My eldest has now started University,  I am still loving teaching and very fortunate to have amazing clients.    

Why Pilates ?

I enjoy learning new exercises, and keeping up to date with the latest health info. My mother-in-law Jan, started going to Pilates, and suggested I try it.  I was a bit skeptical as I had tried it once before, and decided it wasn’t really for me.  It felt slow, perhaps even boring, lying on a mat and waving your arms around.  

However, I could see there was a change in Jan’s body shape, and her posture improved. So I thought there must be some benefit in it, I’ll give it another go.

I am NOT naturally flexible. (Aged 20 a physio told me I had the flexibility of a 70 year old!).  But after a few sessions I felt less tight, and overall more relaxed.  Plus to my surprise everything got stronger and more toned. I re-found my abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.  My balance improved.  I felt better after each session.   It helped in my overall fitness.

Pilates isn’t a quick fix.  You do have to stick with it for a few sessions. Gradually over time you see a change in your body.  It helps you feel more grounded, and body aware.  

I love the fact that Pilates can be done at any age and fitness level.  I have taught people aged 8 to 88!   You can push yourself with the strength and core exercises, or ease into it with more stretching and mobilising.  There are so many options for everyone.    

And now..

More than a decade on, I am grateful to still be teaching Pilates and Fitness, and spending time with amazing inspiring people.  

I now enjoy teaching a mix of face to face and zoom classes, alongside 1-2-1’s.

I love seeing people progress and feel more confident in their movement.  With Pilates after a number of sessions you can often see the muscle memory click in, and that’s when real change happens.    

Joseph Pilates said, “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions”.

Why not give it a try?  

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